Mobile Top-up Made Easy on XcelPay

XcelPay|4 min read|Jun 20, 2019

Imagine being in a different nation and suddenly the plan that is keeping you connected with your family has run its course. You will now be stuck without a lot of essential things, like the internet, GPS and no contact with your family back home. Mobile top-up in another country can be tricky and an expensive affair.

Mobile Top-up Made Easy on XcelPay

Now a days most mobile phone wallets seems to do it for us, making it simpler to recharge your plan, from anywhere in the world. These transactions, however, come with an extra charge of their own and most of all these plans can themselves be extremely expensive.

XcelPay Wallet brings you a mobile top-up feature. This is a one of a kind features, that allows users to recharge or change their plan and pay their service provider with Ethereum and Bitcoin. This secure crypto wallet will now enable you to cut down on unwanted charges on your transactions with your service provider such as internet handling fees and so on. The transactions that you make through your mobile crypto wallet (XcelPay) and your information will be secured by a thumb print security system.

Here is a step by step process of how-to top-up your mobile phone plans on the go with cryptocurrency:

Step One:

Enter your cell number with the appropriate extension code, top-up amount and Remarks, click on the top-up button below.

Step 1

Step Two:

Choose the currency that you wish to top-up with  Ethereum or Bitcoin and click “Next”

Step 2

Step Three:

Check the Details provided to by you, on the Payment Confirmation Window, one last time before you click “Pay”

Step 3

Step Four:

Once the payment is successful, click “Done” and you will receive a message from your service provider regarding your top-up

Step 4

The Mobile Top-up feature is now available for Android phones and on IOS. Download the app available now on IOS and Android App stores, to top-up your mobile phone plan, hassle free.


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