Experience the Beauty of Nature in Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of the most scenic nations in Europe. About 60 percent of its land is occupied by the Alps; the rest of the terrain is covered by the Jura Mountains and the Swiss Plateau. In addition to the regal mountain peaks, there are numerous charming lakes with crystal clear water in Switzerland. These are Geneva, Boden, Zurich, and Neuchatel. The River Rhine originates in Switzerland. Glassy lakes encircled with enormous high mountains, oak and beech woods with untainted nature, an plenty of flowers, and the well-known alpine fields, leave the travellers in awe. Book your tickets on XcelTrip and make the most of the nature in Switzerland.

 Experience the Beauty of Nature in Switzerland

Zurich-Sihlwald Nature Park

Switzerland’s first nature park has a wildlife park, a tower for viewing Zurich and the largest unceasing forest in Switzerland. The Hochwacht observatory tower puts you 30 meters above ground level for sights of Zurich and the faraway Alps. Zoo Langenberg Langnau a. Albis is the oldest zoological nature park in Switzerland. You can see 16 native and previously native animals like deer, bear, lynx, wolf, wildcat, marmot, hares, elk, wild boar and the Przewalski horse.

Swiss National Park

Engadine’s Swiss National Park takes up an additional 170 square kilometers and has over 80 kilometers of hiking trails, nature trails and daytrip destinations. Head to the sightseers’ centre in Zernez, to know all the permanent and varying exhibitions about natural history of Switzerland and the world. This park, established in 1914, encompasses numerous castles as well.

Thal Nature Park

Located in the Jura Mountains in the town of Klus in the Balsthal, this dominant nature reserve spreads through the wide basin of the river Dünnern at the back of the Weissenstein, the local mountain to Solothurn. Ruins of a fort can be seen on the cycling and hiking tracks.


Adula Park

Adula Park encompasses the Adula Mountain, one of the major untouched nature parts in Switzerland. The park comprises huge valleys on the edge of mountains along with ecological formations and a diverse vegetation. The forestry, covers half of the area, produces at numerous elevations foremost to pastureland to hill tracts to sub-alpine, regularly steep, mountain slopes.

Beverin Nature Park

At 2,998 meters, Piz Beverin in the mid of Beverin Nature Park sets the tone for this park. Encompassing 370 square kilometers, the vales of the Beverin Nature Park are home to archaeologically, culturally and linguistically varied peoples, home to 2,500 people in 12 communities.

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