Cryptocurrency travel to The Pyhä-Luosto National Park, SANTA AND ANGRY BIRDS – ACTIVITY PARKS and Tampere

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The best Finnish city - Tampere - a rather large city by Finnish standards (its population is just over 200 thousand people), located in the south of the country. It secretly has the status of the second city center after Helsinki, and, according to opinion polls, has been leading the list of cities in the country for several years in a row.  Tampere has deservedly become known as the main industrial center of Finland.

 Cryptocurrency travel to The Pyhä-Luosto National Park, SANTA AND ANGRY BIRDS – ACTIVITY PARKS and Tampere


And in the nineties, the title of center of advanced information technologies was added to this honorary title. Why is the city good? In general, the status of the “best” city was awarded to specialists of the national sociological company Taloustutkimus after conducting a simple study. The Finns themselves evaluated the settlements of their homeland on a ten-point scale, putting marks for the quality of services, business activity, healthcare, education, economic development, municipal services, social services, leisure opportunities, raising children, work, and so on. As a result, according to all these indicators, Tampere confidently took the first place, leaving “silver” Jyväskylä and Turku, and “bronze” - Hämeenlinna and Espoo. 


The city is also known as the "theater capital of Finland": an international theater festival is held here, and the vibrant cultural life throughout the year is provided by the local philharmonic society and numerous musical groups. Tampere also has the fame of the “city of students”: there are two large universities - the classical University and the Technological University. Both were founded in 1925 and are now very popular: this is evidenced by a large exchange program.


Tampere, with a population of over 200,000, is considered a large city in Finland. However, he managed to maintain the charm of comfort and cordiality inherent in a small town. The city center is very tiny, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. The city is located in a picturesque area on a narrow isthmus between two lakes. The rapids and banks of the Tammerkoski River create a wonderful backdrop for old industrial buildings, and the hills formed thousands of years ago by ancient seas and retreating glaciers offer stunning views of both lakes. 


The Pyhä-Luosto National Park

The Pyhä-Luosto National Park in central Lapland is the kingdom of two giant fells. In the west, the handsome Ukko-Luosto dominates the landscape and in the east stands the ancient Pyhätunturi. There are many other peaks in the area, such as the mythical Noitatunturi, as well as impressive beautiful forests and ponds to fall in love with. The absolute experience for the first-time visitor is the incredible Isokuru, one of the most powerful landscapes in Lapland.



How about spending a day with the one and only Santa? Or going on a stroll around magical Moomin valley or an adventure in the Angry Birds world? You could also try a close encounter with a brown bear or a lynx in a wildlife park. Activity and adventure parks are scattered around Finland, and all have something unique to offer. When you think of amusement parks, you might think of devices that make you twirl and wheel vertically and horizontally. If that is your cup of tea (literally if you want to sit in a teacup and swirl around) – you can head to Helsinki’s Linnanmäki, a classic amusement park which has just the right amount of old and new with a rare wooden, man driven rollercoaster as well as state of the art modern gadgets. For a very different kind of theme park experience, there are places like the Moomin World or Santa Park. People come from all over the world to meet these Finnish celebs and see how the fairytale places come to life. Summer or winter you will find a suitable adventure just for you.


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