Cryptocurrency travel to Netherland’s Castle De Haar (Utrecht) with XcelTrip

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The Western European state of the Netherlands is distinguished by its originality and a mass of unique features. The country of windmills and countless tulips, located on the coast of the North Sea, has a peculiar climate - in the summer it is moderately cool, and in winter it is warm enough. This weather is ideal for visiting the many Dutch cities, full of a variety of attractions. A free country with a rich European culture is surprisingly friendly and safe for its guests. Another unusual feature of the Netherlands is that almost half of the area of ​​the state is located below sea level, so along the coastline, where the land is washed by the North Sea, numerous facilities have been built to protect the country from water. Not sure what to see in the Netherlands? Let’s start with Castle De Haar (Utrecht). Without a doubt De Haar Castle is one of the most luxurious castles of Europe.

Cryptocurrency travel to Netherland’s Castle De Haar (Utrecht) with XcelTrip.

Castle De Haar (Utrecht)
De Haar Castle is the largest castle of Holland and is located just outside Utrecht and a half an hour drive from Amsterdam. De Haar Castle has the appearance of a historical monument of the Middle Ages, but in fact it is a mansion, equipped with the most advanced developments.

Repeatedly De Haar literally rose from the ashes. In 1391, the stone castle served as the patrimony of the clan De Haar. In 1482, the fortress was burned, leaving only ruins and minor defensive structures. At the beginning of the 16th century, the castle was literally recreated, and in 1890 it was inherited by a descendant of the de Haar clan. His rich wife put a lot of effort and money to the family nest was restored. Architect Kuijpers spent about 20 years rebuilding the castle: electricity, steam heating, and elevators were installed. But all the technical innovations were skillfully hidden from view, so as not to disturb the external splendor of medieval interiors. The interior is replete with roman-catholic style carvings, even the original design of the tableware has been developed.

Near the castle there are picturesque gardens of De Harr, often compared with Versailles. These are almost 7 thousand trees that have been brought here from all over the country. The park is decorated with numerous romantic arbors, and the surrounding village was built in a pseudo-medieval style to complete the picture.


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