Buy jewelry with bitcoins using XcelPay Wallet.

XcelPay|2 min read|Nov 12, 2019

XcelPay Wallet is a commercial POS, digital payment wallet and crypto payment gateway.If you prefer buying jewelry with BTC do not forget to download our XcelPay wallet, which accepts payments in bitcoins all over the world at lower costs and high processing speed.

Want to buy gold or silver for bitcoins? This opportunity is provided by several companies, including JM Bullion, GramGold, APME. Not only that, GramGold binds its coin to one gram of gold, and it can be bought on different exchanges for bitcoins. APMEX offers custody services and also accepts payments in BTC for gold. And the JM Bullion price list even includes a 4% discount on the purchase of gold and silver for bitcoins.

BitDeals and Reeds Jewelers online luxury retailers can also offer exquisite jewelry and diamonds in exchange for coins. There are companies that will store your digital assets in material form made of precious metal - for example, BitGold and Amagi Metals.

Crypto Jewelry - jewelers looking to the future. Their fingers hold their hand firmly on the pulse of the markets, and they combine the exciting movement of cryptocurrency with bitcoins with endless jewelry that speak of the new millennium.All of their products are manufactured in the United States, namely Los Angeles, in collaboration with renowned American jeweler Peter Marco. Their team of craftsmen handcrafted every detail, skillfully turning rare gems from high-quality gold, white or pink gold into attractive jewelry suitable for everyday wear or for special occasions. Each part has the Bitcoin logo, imperceptibly, but unforgettably declaring your attachment to the blockchain.

Browse through their selection of awesome items and visualize your bitcoin style in gems. Crypto Jewelry emphasizes your visionary approach to life with unique Bitcoin jewelry and promotes the use of Bitcoins, accepting them as payment for any order. Show your membership in this exclusive Crypto Jewelry proud Bitcoin club.

Marks Jewelers is already one of the largest jewelry retailers in the US market. A Pennsylvania-based company that has been selling diamonds and jewelry for 35 years has said that removing currency conversion fees  will help it cut costs. 


Cheaper than credit cards

Marks Jewelers joins a growing list of jewelry retailers, including Samer Halimeh New York and Reeds, who are beginning to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin cash offers fast, reliable and low-cost transactions compared to traditional methods of sending money. Notes that jewelers now accept cash bitcoins for payments. For example, credit and debit card providers typically charge a fee of up to 3.5% on each transaction. This is comparable to a transaction fee of about $ 1 or less for cryptocurrency purchases, regardless of the amount of each transaction.

According to Coinline, which provides a directory of merchants accepting payments in bitcoins, more than 210 retailers around the world are currently processing cryptocurrency transactions.

A crypto wallet is the first step to using bitcoins or crypto. When you travel, do not forget to replenish your mobile tariff plan on XcelPay. The XcelPay Wallet allows you to top-up mobile phone plans with 900 different carrier services and in 160 countries, with Ethereum and Bitcoin.



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