Book flights to Austria with cryptocurrency. Visit St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna) with XcelTrip

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It has been said that Austria only appears to be a small country on the map because so much of it is vertical. Slightly over 62% of the country is covered by the Austrian Alps, thus over two- thirds of the country is over 1,640 feet above sea level.

Book flights to Austria with cryptocurrency. Visit St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna) with XcelTrip

Austria is a Central European country with imperial history, baroque architecture, mountain villages and alpine landscape. The state language is German. The capital of Austria - the city of Vienna - is located on the Danube River. Vienna is notable for its Schönbrunn and Hofburg palaces, as well as the fact that such famous people as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss and Sigmund Freud lived in it. Popular sights of Austria are the Bohemian Forest in the north of the country, Lake Traunsee and the vineyards located in the east.
Austria remains the most desirable holiday destination for many tourists. The sights of Austria attract lovers of diverse cultures from around the world. Each tour you have ordered is accompanied by an interesting story about the sights.

St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna)

Each country has its own age-old symbols, in which the spirit of the nation is concentrated. The sights of Austria are headed by St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The majestic spire of St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one such iconic concept. Suffice it to say that the spire of the Cathedral rises to 136 meters. They can be admired from any area of ​​Vienna. The cathedral is made in the Gothic style, it is monumental towers on the main city square. For tourists, the Cathedral is interesting for its history and architectural beauty. The Austrians themselves worship the relic because of the abundance of cultural rarities stored inside. These include:

Church utensils handmade. Icons, many of which are not one century. Austrians respectfully styled the Cathedral "Steffi". Its history is truly unique. For seven centuries it is an integral part of Austrian culture. The cathedral was founded in 1359. The architecture of the building is impressive. It has everything to hit the tourist's imagination: Stained Glass, Mosaic roof, pointed towers, Noble stucco, Oval windows...

Conceptually, it consists of two towers: North and South. North remained unfinished, its height is only 70 meters. The temple is available for inspection, in both towers for tourists arranged viewing platforms.

To understand how much the Austrians love all the sights of Austria and their “Steffi”, it is enough to recall that, after the devastating fire in 1945, the cathedral was restored almost entirely to charitable donations of ordinary citizens.
Austria is a country of mountains and music.

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