Blockchain enabled XcelTrip is shaping the future of travel-book over 2.3 million hotels and 400+ airlines worldwide!

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In the last few years, adoption of Blockchain and DeFi is rapidly growing. Why? Because the data recorded in Blockchain through smart contracts are secure, decentralized, permanent, transparent, traceable, tamperproof with no central point of vulnerability and failure. The way of doing transactions is thus improved drastically.

Originally introduced for the crypto, the Blockchain technology is not limited to the crypto assets. Different industries and companies are gradually adopting blockchain technology. Although the technology is at its early phase of adoption, there is no doubt blockchain will gain worldwide momentum very soon. It has the full potential to disrupt the way business is traditionally done.

XcelLab Ecosystem has different platforms powered by Blockchain technology. The XcelLab ecosystem is developed to make DeFi accessible to all and disrupt the traditional financial and travel system. So, it has developed its native token -XcelDefi (XLD), a decentralised exchange- XcelSwap, a secure crypto wallet- XcelPay Wallet, and the OTA blockchain powered travel platform-XcelTrip. The whole ecosystem is based on DeFi and Blockchain technology, so the services provided are secure, transparent, and decentralised.

Use XcelDefi to book over 2.3 million hotels and 400+ airlines worldwide!

The Blockchain and DeFi technology are revolutionising travel and payments, enabling faster and secure transactions. It is well known that the travel industry comprises different parties from the beginning to the end of travel. These parties have to pass information to each other. With the traceable data and information shared across the network, Blockchain helps to access the data more securely and easily. Hence, building trust among different parties involved, i.e., customers, travel aggregators, and hotels and flight companies.

Blockchain has changed the way travel businesses are done. Some of the ways in which Blockchain and DeFi are revolutionizing travel are as below:

Faster Identity verification

While travelling, customers need to verify their identity in different stages from departure to arrival. Verifying identity manually with other technologies is time-consuming and full of hassles. With blockchain technology, travel documents and biometrics can be easily stored and accessed by the needed parties over the network. Thus, Blockchain drastically reduces check-in times and queues in airports and hotels.

Easy Luggage tracking

The luggage passes through different parties, mainly in international travel. Every customer wants to be sure about their luggage safety. With the decentralized database, Blockchain helps to track, monitor, and share luggage movement easily all the time.

Affordable travel

Do you know that different travel intermediaries involved in the travel business make travel 20–25% expensive through the commission they take? Blockchain technology helps to substitute intermediaries making travel cost-effective.

Blockchain also solves the problem of overbooking and fraud related to overcharging.

Customer Loyalty Schemes

The use of Blockchain technology which uses smart contracts, can record the booking information, spending, and the number of times customers engaged with a particular company in an immutable and permanent ledger for future reference. This will help to track customers and provide them with loyalty schemes. Also, it avoids fraudulent acts which happen in traditional travel business.

Secure and Automated Payments

Payment is an important aspect for travel. The Blockchain-based decentralized finance is revolutionizing and simplifying payments. Now, there is no need to worry about overseas payments. People can make instant, secure and swift payments with decentralized cryptocurrencies for their travel from any corner of the world. With the smart contracts of blockchain technology, billing information among different parties is automated. The payments are secure and financial settlements are fast.

Revolutionary Blockchain ensures accurate transactions, correct business ratings, transparent flow of funds, solves fraud, and helps manage reward and loyalty schemes. In addition, accessing and storing information through Blockchain is more reliable, easier, faster, and efficient.

Blockchain has made travel secure, simple, and transparent. It has brought positive changes to the travel system and has transformed stressful travel into stress-free travel.

XcellTrip is an OTA travel platform powered by blockchain technology. XcelTrip aims to disrupt and revolutionize the travel industry and is marching ahead for the goal. At XcelTrip, you can book over 2.3 million + hotels and 450+ flights worldwide with XcelLab’s native and decentralized token XcelDefi(XLD) along with other major cryptocurrencies.

XcelTrip, enables a fair travel ecosystem and payments, thus enhancing customer experience and making their dream travel a reality.

Make an exciting trip with XcelTrip! Book hotels and airlines using XLD and enjoy swift payment, faster transactions, and, of course, stress-free and secure travel!


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