Bitcoin payments at online casinos.

XcelPay|3 min read|Nov 11, 2019

One of the newest emerging trends amongst keen online bettors is gambling at Bitcoin Casinos. Perhaps the primary reason that these types of casinos are becoming increasingly popular is the fact the digital cryptocurrency makes it easier for gamblers to deposit and withdraw funds more easily than other payment options do.

For every gambler it is important that depositing their funds into their new account can be done instantly without roadblocks or limitations. Once you have your crypto wallet up and running, or you are already in possession of one, you are pretty much ready to get started. XcelPay Wallet can help you with this. It's very convenient and simple.

Bitcoin offers a number of advantages to both players and casino operators that make it an attractive proposition for funding a casino account. Players that have become accustomed to either high transaction fees or, in the case of players from the United States in particular, blocks on credit card transactions, may find Bitcoin particularly helpful. As there are no bank or credit card intermediaries taking their cut of a transaction, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals to and from online casinos cannot be blocked by anyone and they are usually free of any fees apart from standard Bitcoin transaction fees which are typically the equivalent of a few cents. One of the biggest benefits to casino operators, aside from the aforementioned features, is that Bitcoin transactions are essentially the equivalent of paying with cash. There is no possibility of a "charge back" which is what happens when a credit card holder disputes the charges on their card and gets a refund.

By choosing Bitcoin casino players all around the world can move to a new level in making their online gambling transactions. Many experts say that Bitcoin can soon replace the traditional credit card system. Therefore, some of the best online gambling sites have started to accept this cryptocurrency as a viable method for making deposits and withdrawals.

If compared with traditional online payment methods, Bitcoin offers casino players unprecedented advantages to fund their betting accounts such as anonymity, practically no fees and almost instant transactions.

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