6 delicious traditional foods to try in Argentina

Xceltrip|4 min read|Jan 28, 2020

There are all kinds of travelers. Those who seek adventure, others who love sightseeing. And then there are the foodies! Foodie travelers, incited from their taste buds, choose to explore the culture of each country through their traditional flavors. This time, our palate will travel all the way into the secrets of Argentinian cuisine. Inspired by European cuisine, with Spanish, Italian and French influences, Argentinian food has a distinctive Mediterranean flavor. Particularly known as a meat and especially beef country, Argentina serves a variety of carnivore recipes. Succulent meats, hearty stews, spicy sausages, drool-worthy desserts, and a blooming street food scene, are just a sample of what you should expect. Here are 6 delicious traditional foods to try in Argentina:


Traditionally served to commemorate Argentina’s May Revolution on May 25 but also as a cure for the cold winters, locro is considered a national dish. It’s about a thick, hearty soup made from a combination of corn, beans, potatoes and/or squash and some form of meat, seasoned with cumin and bay leaf. Usually, it’s served with a splash of chimichurri, a typical hot sauce made from paprika, onions, chili, garlic, parsley and other herbs smothered in olive oil.

Asado & parrillas

Asado isn’t really the name of a particular dish but it’s mostly used to describe the traditional event of the Argentinian barbecue, largely common between families and friends in the weekends. It’s also used to describe the method of grilling. Asado’s meat parade consists of heaping platters with appetizers, chorizo and morcilla (Argentinian sausages) and meat galore, placed on parrillas (Argentinian word for a grill) and cooked low and slow until they fall apart into delicious tenderness.


This is the Argentinian hot-dog. Named out of its ingredients which are chorizo and pan (bread), Choripan is one more proud example of Argentina’s street food scene. Cheap and delicious regardless its simplicity, it’s topped with fresh and spicy chimichurri.

Dulce de leche

Don’t you feel like you need something sweet now? Dulce de Leche is nothing more than sweetened milk cooked in low heat until it’s caramelized. For Argentinians, it is the go-to ingredient to top, fill or accompany almost any other kind of dessert. But with no arguments, the most popular use of this sweet and sticky confection, is the South American version of the Italian gelato, the so-called, Dulce de Leche Helado. Creamy, smooth with rich caramel flavor and aroma, exactly what you need to wash down all the above finger-licking meat dishes.


Known to the rest of the world as escalope or schnitzel, milanesa is another Argentinian dish with Italian influence, often served for lunch. Made from pounded beef or chicken, covered with breadcrumbs, you can try it fried or baked. The variety of toppings is what makes this dish special, ranging between fried eggs, cheese, ham and tomato sauce, served with fries and/or salad.


If you are a cheese lover, then you definitely have to try Provoleta. It’s simply a thick, round slice of provolone cheese put straight on the grill in a skillet until it turns into a gooey goodness with a slightly crisp and browned top on the outside. Drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano and red crushed pepper is usually served as an appetizer to an Argentinian asado.

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