6 Amazing Things To Do in Nicosia

Xceltrip|5 min read|Dec 12, 2019

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is home to many beautiful landmarks that embody the island’s fascinating history. From ancient monuments to exquisite galleries, here’s what shouldn’t be missed when you’re in Nicosia.


Taste homemade cakes and Cypriot coffee

Café culture is an essential part of life in Cyprus, so be sure to indulge in a hot drink with one of the many delicious pastries and traditional cakes on offer in coffee shops across the city. Locals love To Apomero, a small café hidden in an alley just off Ermou, its name aptly meaning ‘secluded’ in Greek.

Walk along the Green Line

Splitting the island in two, Nicosia’s Green Line extends across the capital, with various checkpoints along the way. The main one can be found at Ledra Street, an entry point where people can cross over to the other side. Nicosia is the only divided capital in the world, and visiting the city’s Green Line is a great way for visitors to explore the social and political situation on the island, as well as its fascinating history.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

Head to OXI roundabout where local sellers lay out their goods every Wednesday and Saturday from 6am to 4pm. Here, you’ll find all kinds of fresh products from fruit and vegetables to eggs and nuts — it’s the perfect place to savour the local produce. Even if you’re not planning on cooking anything, a visit to the farmers’ market is an experience in its own right. Watch how the locals interact and how the sellers shout out and announce their products to entice customers. It’s best to head here in the morning, as things sell quickly and there’s not much action after lunchtime.

Nicosia’s museums

Visiting some of Nicosia’s greatest museums and collection galleries is a fantastic way to gain insight into the island’s art scene and ancient traditions. For an overview of Cyprus’ complex and fascinating history, visit the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia in the heart of the Old Town. Expect to find engaging exhibits, clear information in Greek, Turkish and English, and a cool interior that makes a welcome break from the baking sun. Admission is free, and this makes a great stop for keen historians and families alike.

Another must-visit museum is the iconic Cyprus Museum, the largest and oldest archaeological museum on the island. Its rich collection demonstrates the turbulent and significant role that this tiny country has had in European history, while the building itself is emblematic of the pride Cypriots have in their heritage and culture.

Old Town

The best-known street in Nicosia is the pedestrian Ledra Street, which is filled with shops, bars, cafés and eateries, and ends at one of the most popular checkpoints on the Green Line. Parallel to Ledra is Onasagorou, an equally busy street that has flourished in the last decade with bars and restaurants, bringing life back into the Old Town. A bit further down NiMAC is Ermou Street, which is home to many old Cypriot craftspeople.

Athalassa National Forest Park

This large stretch of greenery is the closest thing to a forest you’ll find in Nicosia. Located in the suburbs of the city, it stretches over 840 hectares (three square miles) and hosts a beautiful lake, the park’s signature feature. There’s plenty of space for children to play, either amongst the trees or at the playground near the park café. For animal lovers, there’s a designated dog path that circles the park and offers fantastic city views. Head to Athalassa for a picnic, a walk or to get your dose of nature.

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