5 Awesome Foods to Eat While in Norway

XcelTrip|3 min read|Sep 5, 2019

NORWAY the Land of Surreal mountain ranges, vast stretches of glacier-carved valleys, and colourful communities perched in unlikely places. While the scenery here tends to take centre stage, let’s not forget the food. You don’t truly know a country — or its people — until you know its cuisine, and dependable Norwegian fare surely isn’t something you’re likely to find back home.

5 Awesome Foods to Eat While in Norway

Tube caviar

Scandinavians seem to have an affinity for providing improbable items via tubes. In Norway, you’ll find caviar in a tube, as well as numerous flavours of soft cheese spread (try the bacon cheese…obviously). You should totally hold the tube, which is pretty much the flawless way to package food for long train rides, mountain hikes or fjord cruises while in Norway.

Pickled herring

Norwegians love their fish. You’ll see it in every form imaginable, including poached, smoked, grilled, fried, dried, and pickled. Lunch and breakfast buffets often feature a small bowl of pickled herring, which is also a popular dish at Christmas. It comes dressed in various sauces, including a simple vinegar base, plus versions with tomato, mustard, and sherry. It’s typically eaten atop rye bread. If you don’t like it the first time you try it, don’t quit. Just give it a shot in a different form — there’s almost certainly one that’ll speak to you.

Norwegian waffles

These heart-shaped delights are served all over Norway, from ferry boat food stalls to museum cafes and more. They’re often eaten midday as a snack and can be topped with jam or brunost — or better yet, both. They’re a bit thinner than your better-known Belgian waffle, so the edges crisp up nicely. Otherwise, the basic ingredients are what you’d expect: flour, water, eggs, sugar.

Potato Lefse

This thin potato pancake is a fantastic bite made from potato and wheat flours, egg, butter, and sugar. It’s eaten at breakfast and as a snack with butter, cinnamon and sugar, or jam. You’ll look like a pro if you dress it and then roll it up. Where to find it: Coffee shops, ferry cafes, and in some supermarkets.


This humble dish translates literally as “fish balls,” and involves a white fish such as cod that’s been blended with eggs, milk, and flour and formed into a ball. It’s an everyday meal in Norway, and many Norwegians keep canned fish balls at the ready in their cupboards.

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