4 Mouth-watering Turkish Food That Will Immediately Make You Hungry!

XcelTrip|4 min read|May 16, 2019

Turkey has created a cuisine that will make any foodie weak at the knees. Throw out the sin of gluttony and relish Turkish food and treat your mouth like the king/queen that it is. Rich and savory, not spicy particularly – the dishes among the Turkish foods have been cluttering the menus of restaurants all around the world. Tradition of the Ottoman cuisine, an old-style Turkish food item is disreputable for its meat-full skewers, but there is a lot more to it. Travel to Turkey, to enjoy its food in its true traditional style, book your tip with XcelTrip to try these four dishes:


If Italians have meatballs, Turks have kofte. The Turkish version of meatballs, köfte are balls or patties made of flippantly cooked crushed beef or lamb. It often makes an appearance in wraps with salad and also served with some pita bread. The vegetarian equivalent is one that is made of chickpeas and vegetables. Kofte is an significant part of each and every Turkish home. 


Fresh vegetables or dried eggplants, peppers, tomatoes or zucchinis are sated with a assortment of rice and onion prior to cooking it in water and butter. These are typically served at room temperature. It is in the prevalent Mediterranean cuisine and can be found in regions past Turkey. It is believed that this delicacy originated in the Ottoman Topkapi Palace in the 17th century. 


Possibly the most widespread of the Turkish desserts, Baklava finds its fan in anyone with a sweet tooth. It is made of coatings of filo pastries sated with nuts. 

Mozzaik Pasta 

Fancy a chocolate cake with smashed biscuits– that’s exactly what Mozzaik Pasta is. Available in nearly any café, it is deviously delicious. It is said that, every Turkish mom makes this dish for her families and nearly every pastry shop in Turkey has it on show. This is exactly why you ought to taste it, just to find out what the hype is all about. You will inflamingly be in love with this no-bake dessert. 

Travel to Turkey to fully enjoy the taste of Turkish food by booking your trip on XcelTrip and make let your taste buds make memories that last a lifetime.


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