4 Beautiful Places to Visit in Bern, Switzerland

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The de facto capital of Switzerland, Bern Is built on a sandstone ridge. The city is encompassed on three sides by the Aare flowing through the valley. Bern is not only the administrative capital of Switzerland but is also is rich in history and culture. Here are 5 of the most beautiful places to visit in Bern:

The Historical Museum of Bern

Held in a 130-year-old Andre-Lambert-designed architectural marvels based on 15th-century castles, the Historical Museum of Bern combined with the Einstein Museum forms the second largest museum in Switzerland. Exhibits here include more than half a million items dating from the Stone Age through the Celts, Romans, Middle Ages, Napoleonic era, and well into the 19th and 20th centuries. Items from Alpine Stone Age burials are as impressive as 15th-century Flemish tapestries and the famous Königsfelden diptych painted for the King of Hungary.

The Bear Park

The bear is the symbolic representation of Bern, and some bears are held in reserve by the city in a large complex that has newly been upgraded. The area is adorned by a range of walking paths, several of which lead down to the river, and an inclined elevator now links the lower area by the river to the top of the complex. Tourists can watch the bears as they play and relax.

The French Church

Just behind the Granary is the French Church, the oldest church in the city, with paintings by the Bern "Master of the Carnation." It was constructed from 1270-1285 on the ruins of a much older church and initially part of the Dominican monastery. Throughout the wrenching wars of the Reformation, French-speaking Protestants were seeking protection in the reserve starting from 1623. Huguenot evacuees came after 1685.

The Old Town

The old town of Bern is more than worthy of its position as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on a cliff enclosed on three sides by the spectacular aquamarine waters of the Aare River, the old town has conserved much of its medieval charm. The roads are paved and bounded by covered, arcade sidewalks that bend on for miles. On the lower levels of the structures are shops, cafés, restaurants, and bookstores, while the upper floors are flats and studios. This old area is where many of the best tourist attractions are located, including all of the bridges across the Aare, public fountains, old statues, towers, and, of course, the famous Clock Tower. Several days can be passed quite happily just strolling around the old town.

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